Shirin Zakerion

Hey, girl, heeey! I'm Shirin. I'm a wife, mom, plant lady, life long learn it all, first generation immigrant, animal lover, entrepreneur, and creator of Siren Hair Studio.

Though my love for the industry started young, I've been a licensed cosmetologist for 13 years. As a teen, I struggled with my super curly hair, thick Persian eyebrows & acne prone skin. I often found myself visiting beauty professionals who had no idea how to help me. My struggles set me on a path to becoming the stylist I wished I had. Today, I pride myself in being an expert on all things beauty and I have a particular love for DevaCurl certified curly hair cutting techniques, special occasion styling, & hair color. You'll always find me attending cutting edge trainings and certifications.

I'm passionate about self-acceptance, body positivity and love for everything (everyone) around you! I do my best to personify this passion for my guests, encouraging them that self-love can be as simple as speaking positive affirmations each day, a moment to enjoy your favorite beverage or food, to finally attempting that style they've been dying to try.

I know I'm called to empower each guest to look their best, because, let's be real: when you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, you show up in the world with a divine purpose!


Emily Potts

Hi, I'm Emily! I'm a wife, go-getter & self proclaimed fashionista. When I'm not working, I enjoy spending time with my loved ones, two dogs, and of course, shopping!

I studied hair and makeup fresh out of high-school, receiving my cosmetology license at the age of 18. Along with earning a degree from Southern Nazarene University, I also spent many years traveling throughout the United States, working for the fashion house of Leon Max. My fashion work & collegian career took me to many places but my heart always stayed behind the chair. I realized helping people find the most beautiful version of themselves is my deepest passion. I don't believe in “makeovers;” true beauty is about enhancing and complimenting the beauty we already possess.

While in my chair, I hope you notice my attention to detail and impeccable service. Though I enjoy all aspects of the industry, I specialize in hair coloring techniques, esthetics and makeup application. I value “timeless over trends”, which is the principle that drives my signature style.

I'm currently accepting new clients and would love to help YOU rediscover the most beautiful version of yourself.